Thursday, September 30, 2010

Figures the Update Would Come Now (TF2)

So I write about how much the team at Valve is lagging on the promised update for TF2. They must read my blog because they finally released it- and it's huge. The trading system is in, the Polycount items are added and there's even more. A bunch of new items have been added allowing for weapon and item customization. One item allows weapons to be renamed, paint can be found to recolor some hats, and there are random gift boxes you can open to share the wealth with people on your server. If you submit a hat and Valve accepts it, it will be added to the game- but now, if someone purchases the hat you made (yes, you can now pay for items with your hard earned real people money), you get that money right on your Steam wallet.

I find the update quite impressive with all that they have done. With all the new items and abilities that go along with them, the team may have their hands full balancing the game play yet again. It's starting to become like an MMORPG when it comes to tweaking skills and nerfing others. Lest we forget about one class yet untouched.

One thing that has got me bugged about the update is the item set combination. If you get and equip all the new items for one class, a bonus stat is given. For the sniper, all the items makes it so that you cannot die by a headshot... This means that I can no longer use my ability to aim (isn't that the point of the game?) to my advantage taking out snipers who are nubs that rely on a charged body shot. oh well, I've got other things to do anyways ;(

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F1 2010

From the people who brought us GRID comes the next use of the Formula 1 license, and it appears that Codemasters will be making strides with the license this time around. F1 2010 certainly follows the Formula 1 season well. When you start the game, you choose some difficulty settings based on simple questions and then you're offered a list of teams that will sign you for the season. The easier the difficulty, the larger the selection of teams. Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari are not selectable from the get go regardless though. Once you hop on a team, choose the race length and difficulty, you're pretty much thrown into the game. In a short weekend race, there's practice, qualifying, and the actual race.

And that's pretty much it. This is no Gran Turismo with painful license tests. Race strategy and driving skills are not taught.  This makes for a steep learning curve that many will not take kindly to. Give the game some time though and you'll be racing around corners at the limit having a blast.

The game is not without flaws however.

I just crashed perpendicular into a wall at 150MPH. My front wing broke a little. I reversed and was on my way =\

Why couldn't crashes be more like this?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

TF2 Polycount Pack

TF2 players have been on a dry spell since the release of the engineer update. With a slew of promises including a claim to new maps, modes, and items, it's becoming tiresome waiting and hoping. For the past month, a dozen updates have hit players, but not the type many would be interested in. These most recent updates have been engine based, and many seem to have been sparked by the recent transition of Counter Strike: Source to the Orange Box engine.

The anniversary of the game has recently come to pass with no real celebration. Players are beginning to wonder if they'll ever get that new spy knife, sniper's dart gun, or a fish to slap enemies with. The update count may be going up, but the spirits of players is going down.

More importantly, despite the fixes, the ever-present cry of "NERF HEAVY!" exists on almost every server. The game still needs tweaking, let alone expanding. Currently, when spectating a player using a weapon capable of zoom, the spectator sees an unobstructed view from the player's perspective without the amount of zoom the actual player has. Not exclusive to Team Fortress 2, the same problem is present in CS:S. Although the problem is minor (or some may say it's not an issue at all), I find it annoying to watch my friend shooting at what I perceive to be a little dot in the distance. How can I be critical of their aim if I don't even know what they're aiming at? ;P


Today is the first day of my video game related blog posting. With this blog I hope to keep you informed and interested (as I am) in the latest video game related news, trends, and my opinion on these matters. I have been involved in several other websites, personal and public blogs, and a prominent member of various game related forums through the web.

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