Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F1 2010

From the people who brought us GRID comes the next use of the Formula 1 license, and it appears that Codemasters will be making strides with the license this time around. F1 2010 certainly follows the Formula 1 season well. When you start the game, you choose some difficulty settings based on simple questions and then you're offered a list of teams that will sign you for the season. The easier the difficulty, the larger the selection of teams. Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari are not selectable from the get go regardless though. Once you hop on a team, choose the race length and difficulty, you're pretty much thrown into the game. In a short weekend race, there's practice, qualifying, and the actual race.

And that's pretty much it. This is no Gran Turismo with painful license tests. Race strategy and driving skills are not taught.  This makes for a steep learning curve that many will not take kindly to. Give the game some time though and you'll be racing around corners at the limit having a blast.

The game is not without flaws however.

I just crashed perpendicular into a wall at 150MPH. My front wing broke a little. I reversed and was on my way =\

Why couldn't crashes be more like this?


  1. grid was really good hope they do good on the next one

  2. ohh i have done this too!!! i loled

  3. grid was cool. Didnt know they were coming out with a f1 game though thats pretty cool. I havent played and f1 game before so should be interesting. I understand what you meant on your comment saying that getting into gaming was hard. Thats why i will most likely do IT instead then get into gaming later or do indie game designing where I wont work for a big company as they are usually assholes. thanks bro nice layout too!

  4. I cant wait for the f1 game to come out, im losing sleep over it, good read , really enjoyed it because i love going fast! thanks for the nice post, sharing some love thanks! :D

  5. someone is going to have a bad day in that pic